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Halswell Timber in Christchurch - Dust Extraction System

Halswell Timber – Case Study

Halswell Timber in Christchurch recently turned to Egmont Air for their industry experience when needing to upgrade their dust extraction system.

Egmont Air designed and installed a unique combination of three modular extraction systems that are interconnected. This gives Halswell Timber the ability and diversity to be able to process treated and untreated products by separating the wood dust & shavings through filters and fans into separate containers.

Halswell Timber in Christchurch
Halswell Timber in Christchurch











Haswell’s Machine-shop Manager comments:

“From plans to fruition, the system works exactly how we envisioned, more than halving our downtime”.  Mr Todd Prestidge from Egmont Air comments “Our goal is to provide a dust extraction that increases efficiencies and productivity by removing waste, allowing machines to perform better and provide a workplace that is healthy and clean from respiratory dust”

Established in 1996, controlling dust for healthy workplace environments has seen Egmont Air Ltd become an industry leader in dust and fume extraction solutions. Egmont Air can design, specify and recommend an extraction system to suit your application using a proven 11-step quality check process to ensure you receive a top-quality and effective solution.

Calculating extraction needs starts by defining a preliminary scope, an on-site evaluation, documenting the layout of machinery, known and problematic areas, plus any outstanding issues to design an extraction system specified to meet existing requirements and future proof for growth and development. With its own CAD design team, project management, and installation crew, Egmont Air can deliver the full solution.

Egmont Air have a lot of experience in different industries and provides solutions for a range of customer’s Dust and Fume Extraction requirements whether that’s manufacturing kitchen joinery, boat building, powder coating, spray-painting or agriculture.

Egmont Air provides a full backup service with scheduled maintenance, a troubleshooting and diagnostic team for on-site analysis of any extraction application or dust and fume issue.

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For more information, contact Egmont Air on 0800 781 200 or sales@egmontair.co.nz

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