Clean Air Solutions
Increased Productivity & Safety
Through Clean Air

Egmont Air – Dust & Fume Extraction

Increasing productivity and safety in workplaces through clean air. We guarantee the best system for your factory, using our unique approach.

Clean Air Solutions

Egmont Air are industry leaders for ‘Dust & Fume Extraction solutions in the workplace. Our vision is to be renowned for providing High-Quality Equipment, Design, Service and Solutions at Exceptional Value.

Why Choose Egmont Air?

  1. Our Technical experts offer initial on-site evaluation of your application. Egmont Air can design, specify and recommend an extraction system to suit your application.
  2. We use a proven 11-step quality check process to ensure you receive a top quality and effective solution everytime.
  3. Large Range, ex stock, many off-the-shelf options as well as our installation team available to quickly supply and install.
  4. Experience with dust, smoke, fume, oil-mist, powders, wood-shavings, paint spray etc – we know what to recommend when it comes to an optimum performing extraction system.
  5. Full back-up service, scheduled maintenance troubleshooting and diagnostic team for on-site analysis of any extraction application or dust and fume issue.
Auckland 0800 781 200
Christchurch 0800 781 200
Hawera 0800 781 200
+64 6 278 1200

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