Extensive Range of Extraction Services

When you engage Egmont Air to create a solution for your dust and fume extraction, we follow steps to guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result. Dust & Fume Extraction is a dynamic process so we believe it’s important you have a company you can trust you to provide the full ‘consultation to installation’ service, with a 100% guarantee…

What We Do

Our Services

On-site evaluation service of your particular application.

Egmont Air provides an on-site evaluation service of your particular application. A preliminary scope is defined, documenting layout of machinery, known and problematic areas, outstanding issues, and future plans.

The on-site evaluation covers 11 critical points including airflow and pressure testing where relevant. This provides documentation of all essential information so an extraction system can be design and specified to meet your existing requirements and also future proofed for growth and development.

Challenging the Status Quo for Better Results

This is the most critical phase of dust extraction, to design a successful dust extraction system it must be perfectly ‘balanced’. Hood-capture airflow, duct transfer velocities, pre-decantation, air-to-filter ratios, static pressure-loss, filtering efficiencies, clean air discharge requirements, energy savings, future proofing etc must be carefully calculated with reference to each other. This vital process guarantees that the extraction system will perform reliably, above expectations, on an on-going basis. Egmont Air have a unique passion and desire to think outside the square.

Egmont Air challenges the status quo and re-apply traditional extraction principles in a new way to achieve more efficient and powerful results. Our unique Eco-power device being one example where substantial cost savings are realised by a simple fan-control device.

High Quality Products and Quick Turnaround Delivery

Manufacture of components and equipment is all taken care of by Egmont Air, predominately made in New Zealand with some imported items where necessary. A large range of products and solutions are available off-the-shelf for the one-man joinery shops to large timber processors and sawmills anywhere in New Zealand.

Modular systems allow greater economies of scale in shared components and quick turnaround delivery anywhere in New Zealand.

Project Managed from Order Confirmation to Commissioning

Our internal Project Manager takes responsibility to action your project from order-confirmation to commissioning. This provides you one point of contact for all phases of the installation including procurement, scheduling, check-lists, contractors, on-site assembly and installation team.

This makes it particularly easy when other trades are involved in any particular construction project, you can be assured your project is delivered, installed and commissioned, in full, on time.

Scheduled Maintenance Program to Ensure Your Air System is Working at it's Best

Most filter systems have self-cleaning systems to maintain the filters in optimum working condition; however Egmont Air offer a Scheduled Maintenance Program (SMP) which ensures your extraction system is not neglected and any preventative work is recognised and completed ahead of time.

Many extraction systems work in harsh environments and contain some wearing parts that need replacing on a periodic schedule.

Egmont Airs’ Unique “Consultation-to-Installation Guarantee"

Egmont Airs’ unique “Consultation-to-Installation Guarantee” and “100% Performance Guarantee” not only ensure you receive top quality products and workmanship but also an operational system that is fit-for-purpose and achieves the desired outcomes for your factory. That’s why we follow a detailed 11 step process from initial evaluation through to design, specification and installation…. Egmont Air make sure it’s right for you.

Problem Solving, Performance Analysis, Solution Providing

Problem solving, performance analysis, solution providing, are all specialities for Egmont Air. Egmont Air realise the importance of continual improvement and offer on-site evaluation and diagnosis of any extraction system. A full report is provided with observations, relevant principles, recordings & measurements, recommendations & improvements to make your extraction system perform better.

On-site training, staff awareness, and education of potential issues such as Atex certification, hazardous area classification, explosion risk assessment can be provided by our specialist consulting team.

Free, No Obligation Quote

Egmont Air provides a FREE initial on-site evaluation service of your particular application where appropriate. When you engage Egmont Air to create a solution for your dust and fume extraction issues, we follow steps to guarantee you’ll be happy with the end result.