Reaching New Heights at The Mount – Dust Extraction System

Reaching New Heights at The Mount - Dust Extraction System

Dust Extraction System at Kitchens R Us

“Outstanding, no comparison, massive difference…” are the accolades of Mr Russell Reardon, about his new Egmont Dust Extraction System.

Mr Reardon, Managing Director of Kitchens R Us at Mt Maunganui, a one-stop shop for kitchens, wardrobes and storage solutions is quick to praise the new system.

“With the new system, the reality is we can double the number of machines operating at the same time, and it actually gives us the ability to run everything. The suction is incredible, its miles better, there’s no comparison to the old unit”.

Egmont Air was chosen to design and install the new system and Mr Richard Stewart from Egmont Air comments how he made a thorough evaluation of Kitchens R Us factory requirements to ensure the new dust extract system would allow them to maximise production while maintaining a clean quiet working environment.

Mr Reardon endorses his comments and notes that;

“It’s really dropped the level of dust in the factory significantly, the factory’s a lot cleaner, it is quieter the team are much happier, it’s a way better working environment”.

The Egmont system features a modular bag-house unit to replace the old cyclone and a high-efficiency fan provides optimum suction levels so that the dust is extracted at each machine before it reaches the operators breathing zone or spreads throughout the factory.

The System is also fitted with a power-saving device that automatically ramps the fan up or down to optimise suction levels as machines are being used.

Egmont Air, a trusted supplier to the wood-working and manufacturing industry, offer a comprehensive design-to-installation service of spray-booth and dust & fume extraction systems nationwide. Egmont Air’s team of CAD designers, sales technicians, project managers and installers work together to ensure customers’ expectations and outcomes are exceeded.

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