Dust Extraction System For Parkwood

Parkwood Products, family owned and renowned in the industry for their innovation in door technology, recently extended their factory to accommodate increased production, and dedicated areas for research and development. This created an undercover 600m2 canopy area,  and an additional 1160m2 of factory area. To ensure the space would be safe and compliant, Parkwood required a new dust extraction system.

Egmont Air Onsite Evaluation and Bespoke Dust Extraction Design

Having already supplied a large dust extraction system for Parkwood’s existing manufacturing facility, Egmont was once again chosen to provide the dust extraction system for this brownfield development. Cameron Prestidge, Founder and Director of Egmont Air conducted a comprehensive on-site evaluation, analysing machine requirements, airflow calculations, ducting routes and the best dust extraction design to suit Parkwood’s new factory. 

Egmont Air Dust Extraction System

The new Egmont Air system features automatic reverse-air cleaning, maintaining the filters in optimum working condition to maximise suction and also extend filter lifetime expectancy. Egmont Airs’ eco-power system also provides automatic modulation of airflow to match demand, providing a massive saving in power. A small 20% decrease in airflow saves up to 50% in power consumption.

Dusts are collected in a front-load bin which allows for a mess-free environment and emptying of the bin. The bin fits neatly underneath the dust extractor and can be emptied quickly, an airtight solution.

Dust Extraction Outcomes For Parkwood

Peter Ramsden, Research & Development manager of Parkwood is thrilled with the new system.  “Its super powerful, great suction, yet compact, a neat tidy system.  We were really impressed with Egmont Air’s installation team, they arrived on-site Monday morning and in 4 days they had completed the whole installation and had the system commissioned and running, amazing work, well done!”.

Egmont Air are leading experts in the manufacturing industry for providing dust and fume extraction for woodworkers, engineers, fabricators as well as ovens and spray booths for spray-painting and powder-coating operations. Egmont Air conducts an on-site evaluation to ensure the needs of each application are understood, provide a documented proposal and guarantees of performance. With their own CAD design team, project management, and installation crew, Egmont Air are able to deliver the full solution.  

For more information contact Egmont Air on 0800781200 or sales@egmontair.co.nz or to view more information about Parkwood Products amazing doors click here: https://parkwooddoors.co.nz/