Datum Projects – There’s No Dust on Us!

There’s no dust on us! Datum Projects

Datum Projects – Case Study

Datum Projects, joinery specialists for fit-outs in the hospitality, commercial, medical and education sectors, recently installed a new Egmont Air Dust Extraction system.

A new CNC router was the catalyst for change and besides, the original system had become well out-grown, Egmont specified a large 30,000m3/h airflow system and boy, this thing delivers more than 400% performance than what they had!

Mr Seth Gleeson, Managing Director of Datum Projects, is blown away by the performance of the new Egmont System.

“It’s a brilliant system, it’s very efficient and the boys in the factory comment how quiet the system is, and the suction at the machines is incredible”

Datum’s culture shines through in their product, “our people care about doing an epic job because we care about our people. The factory really is much cleaner, it’s made the whole area dust-free, and the factory is now a lot more efficient” comments Mr Gleeson.

Datum - There’s no dust on us!

Mr Richard Stewart, sales consultant for Egmont Air notes that, although the system is much larger.

“it also optimises power due to the automatic ramping of the fan.  The fan-speed ramps up or down automatically according to the number of outlets open and this provides a massive saving in power, not only that, but we’ve also sized the system so that it has spare capacity for the future which is awesome”

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Egmont Air, trusted suppliers to the wood-working and manufacturing industry, offers a comprehensive design-to-installation service of spray-booth and dust & fume extraction systems nationwide. Egmont Air’s team of CAD designers, sales technicians, project managers and installers work together to ensure customers’ expectations and outcomes are exceeded.

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