The Environmental Choice for Dust & Fume Extraction

Wood dust extraction - the environmental choice


Environmentally Friendly Dust & Fume Extraction

Egmont Air, New Zealand specialists in dust & fume extraction are setting the pace for systems that are environmentally friendly and work towards life-cycle sustainability.

Considering most extraction systems run continuously throughout the working day. The obvious first-up benefit is to optimise the supply versus demand to provide power savings.  With any centrifugal pump or fan, significant power savings can be achieved with a small change in delivery providing a much-larger change in power consumption.

Egmont Air uses a pressure stabilizer that monitors the live suction pressure in the system to ramp the fan up or down as other machinery is engaged or turned off.  A small 20% reduction in demand can save up to 50% in the power supply required.

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is also a big consideration for manufacturers with many producing wastes in the form of solid fuel. But being unable to convert this into a usable medium for recycling.

The Egmont Air Briquette machine series provides the perfect solution. Waste from processes can be compacted into briquettes to reduce landfill or more importantly be used as a valuable fuel source for heating or recycling back into the manufacturing process.

Briquette machines can be used on a wide variety of products and media. Including the most prominent wood dust & shavings as well as dust generated from soft metal processes.

Filtration Technology

Advances in filtration technology have also been a significant contributor to protecting the environment and ensuring clean-air discharge to the atmosphere. Cartridge filtration technology and seamless tube filters provide a guarantee that pollutants that would otherwise provide environmental harm or nuisance or suitably contained.

Unlike conventional woven and needled textiles, Egmont Air’s seamless tube Flexi-filters are circular knit fabrics consisting of the patented ‘loop pile’ surface. The thickness of the fibre density of the circular knit fabric provides a high permeability. Reducing pressure drop conditions, with excellent filtration efficiencies of 99.5% to 99.9%.

The physical movement of the ‘loop pile’ surface on the cleaning cycle easily removes heavy dust formations, while preventing blinding or plugging of the fabric.

Eliminating the seam also offers an additional filter area providing increased airflow and removes the possibility of stress or leakage from joins in the media.

Egmont Air, trusted suppliers to the wood-working, metal-fabrication and manufacturing industry. We offers a comprehensive design-to-installation service of spray-booth, powder-coat ovens, and dust & fume extraction systems nationwide.


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