Auckland Kitchen-Makers Choose Egmont Air

Kitchen Craft Extractor

Egmont Air Extraction System – Case Study

Kitchen-craft, Auckland designers and manufacturers of top-quality kitchens, chose Egmont Air for their new dust extraction system. Their unique one-and-only showroom is a must-see – which tells a thousand stories.

The showroom also has a picture-framed window opening into the factory where the Egmont Air System keeps the factory clean and spotless, forming one of the many stories told.

Egmont Air specially designed a high-suction unit to provide optimum extraction for two CNC machines, edge-bander and dimension saw.

As complete Dust Extraction professionals, Egmont Air understands the many challenges required with design and specification of new and existing Dust Extraction Systems. Egmont Air provides a complete, interactive customer consultation through to design, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service, to ensure customer satisfaction, value and benefit is realised.

Productivity, quality and delivery are a direct result of a clean, tidy and efficient workshop. Dust-free working conditions provide motivation and ‘employee well-being’ which prevents staff-turnover, complaints and valuable time lost in training replacement staff. Furthermore absenteeism rates are noticeably less; a recent customer reported a reduction in absenteeism from 6% to 2.3%, attributed to a cleaner workshop environment. A properly designed extraction system will provide optimum suction at each machine outlet and remove the fine dust that would otherwise spread through the working environment, causing job dissatisfaction and low productivity.

All Egmont Air filter & fan systems are designed with generous filtering areas and aerodynamic action to improve the decantation and separation performance as well as minimise back-pressure on the air-conveyance system. Each extraction system includes the latest fan technology and Egmont Airs unique ‘Eco-power’ device which eliminates wasted energy on any extraction system with multiple machine connection. This reduces energy consumption and maximises the suction performance achieved, for each kilowatt of energy consumed.

The use of synthetic filter media combined with an automatic cleaning system maintains the filter-sleeves in optimum condition for maximum filtering efficiency and guaranteed clean air discharge. “Discharge air is so clean” reports Mr Prestidge from Egmont Air, “that it can be returned to the factory environment for energy recovery, during winter months.” Special filter media is specified to comply with clean air discharge regulations and provide complete protection for the environment.

Correct airflow and filter sizing is also critical for long term reliability, overall filter performance and efficiency. A correctly sized filtration system will perform for years with minimal maintenance.

The Egmont Air series filters come in a huge range of sizes and are an economical solution for many timber processors, kitchen makers & joinery shops who previously considered filter units as an expensive option.

For more information or a free catalogue contact Egmont Air on 0800 781 200.