Spray-Painting Perfection

Spray-Painting Air QUality

Spray-Painting Perfection

BBC Commercial, specialists in commercial joinery and fitouts have recently installed a new Egmont Spray-booth system in their Mt Maunganui production facility.

Over the past 30 years, BBC Commercial has continually expanded due to their ability to provide a range of tailored and versatile joinery solutions to businesses throughout New Zealand. “we love a good challenge, taking a customers dream and making it happen is an important part of the culture in our business” comments Mr Mark Crowhurst, manager of BBC Commercial.

Egmont Air also embrace this philosophy and delivered the same ‘solution focused’ spray-booth design for BBC. A custom spray-booth system was designed that allowed easy access of bulky shop displays and cabinets, high-efficiency filtration to provide a top-quality finish, and compliance with NZ spray-booth standards and regulations.

Egmont Spray-booth has made a massive difference to our production facility.

The Egmont Air spray-booth system is constructed from a modular panel system complete with LED lighting, large bi-fold doors, dual supply and exhaust fans for balanced airflow and four-stage filtration to supply pure-clean air for a top-quality finish and also ensure compliance with clean-air discharge regulations.

Mr Cameron Prestidge from Egmont Air explains “We also build our own control-boards systems complete with PLC logic to provide airflow monitoring, purge timers, door and spray interlocks, etc and this ensures compliance with the stringent NZ spray-booth regulations”.

The new “Egmont Spray-booth has made a massive difference to our production facility, it has enabled us to process work quickly, minimise handling, control quality and reduce costs. The Egmont Air booth has paid itself off in less than 1 year of operation!” Comments Mr Ian West, director and owner of BBC Commercial.

Egmont Air Systems are not only limited to spray-booths, many solutions are available off-the-shelf for all types of dust or fume applications including wood dust or shavings, smoke, welding fumes, and more. Contact Egmont Air for an on-site evaluation today on:

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