Rising from the Ashes

Cleaner air in manufacturing setting

Timber Processing and Dust Extraction Case Study

At the end of December 2019, devastation hit Inglewood Timber Products (ITP) – Fire – the nightmare of any woodworker and timber processor….

Within minutes, the building was enveloped in flames and fire-fighters quickly arrived on the scene, working hard to bring the fire under control but it wasn’t without the ruin of the building and machinery.

A long-standing family business, prominent in the local township, Kelvin & Mark Jackson manufacturer solid door cores and certified scaffold planks of which most is exported to Australia.

Now with the factory and machinery destroyed, the only thing Mark had to fall back on was his trusted staff and suppliers.

Egmont Air quickly rallied to the scene, Mr. Cameron Prestidge designed, supplied, and installed a replacement Egmont dust extraction system that would provide the performance and expediency that Mark required.

Interestingly enough, a big focus of ITP is recycling and recovery of waste. Bulk clean shavings are compressed into bales and used in the agricultural industry. The Egmont Air system was designed to provide separation of dust and shavings, this allowed the shavings to be conveyed into an Egmont Silo with a hydraulic moving floor which accumulates of shavings and discharges into the baling system.

Mark is impressed how well the system works, “it’s amazing, at one end we get amazing suction, we can operate our machines at maximum production, the other end we get clean-air discharge, and we have this incredible recovery of all the waste shavings that can be recycled”.

Egmont Air provided stellar service, quickly responding, producing designs, and accommodating variations, commissioning the system in record time.
The system is also fitted with Egmont Airs’ renown ‘Pressure stabilizer system’ that automatically adjusts airflow and suction to optimum levels as machines are utilised or turned-off to provide 50% power-saving at the same time.

Egmont Air offers a large range of products and solutions for joinery shops and timber processors anywhere in New Zealand. The Egmont Air dust extraction systems are a popular solution due to their modular design and heavy-duty construction design which focus on balancing high suction performance with energy savings.

Egmont Air Systems are not only limited to wood-dust, many solutions are available off-the-shelf for all types of dust or fume applications including smoke, fumes, paint spray, metallic dust and more. Contact Egmont for a FREE brochure or on-site evaluation today on:

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