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Dust Extraction Case Study – Milson Metals

Milson Foundry Ltd, New Zealand leaders in foundry developments recently installed a new classifier for recovery of sand used in mold making.

Removal of any impurities and fine dust is critical in recovery of sand for mold making, so that the best quality castings are produced.

As part of the process the sand is also aerated in a holding tank and this requires carefully calibrated extraction to draw-off the fine dust particles without removing the good quality sand used for the molds.

Egmont Air was called in to evaluate and specify an extraction system to provide the precise level of airflow for the classifier and aerating tank as well as cope with the dust loading generated by the process. Mr Lincoln Davis from Milson Foundry comments “We are very pleased with the performance of the Egmont Air system, it has allowed our classifier and recovery system to provide premium quality sand”

The Egmont Air system incorporated a decantation chamber which separates off the majority of dust before reaching the filters greatly reducing the dust loading and filter maintenance requirements.

Cartridge filtration technology was utilised which offers high filtration efficiencies on micron particles as well as durability to provide long-life expectancy and therefore minimal maintenance and operating costs.

The fan was positioned on the clean-side of the filters free from abrasive wear. The dusts decant into a drum which can be easily removed for disposal of waste.

Egmont Air, specialists in dust & fume extraction, offer a huge range of solutions for extracting dust and fume in industrial applications. “Increased productivity, employee wellbeing, reduction in absenteeism and staff turnover are direct benefits we have seen from installing an Egmont Air extraction system.”

“Our systems are designed to complement the work engineers do, so that productivity increases because of the improved and safer working conditions for welders” Mr Prestidge explains, ‘Job satisfaction’ and care of employees and their health is seen as a major contribution to retaining staff and creating loyalty between workshop employees and management.”

Egmont Air Fume extraction systems are designed to suit welding bays, general engineering or maintenance workshop scenarios. Options are available for processes such as welding fume, robot welders, plasma fumes, grinding, dust and powder applications etc

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  • Location; – Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • Project; – New Dust Extraction System
  • Industry; – Foundry
  • Equipment; –     Egmont CDC Series Cartridge Filter
  • 5kW High-efficiency Centrifugal Fan
  • Modular Duct System