A Duty of Care

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Tweakit Joinery Solutions – Case Study

Vaughn and Nicky Tongs, owners of Tweakit Joinery Solutions Palmerston North, have a favourite
saying…  “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

This principle of care inspired them to upgrade their factory and provide a productive and healthy
workspace for their employees.

The recent purchase of a new CNC nesting machine and Edgebander required a completely different
approach in dust management to what they had used up to this point. Egmont Air was commissioned
to design and install a new system that would make a difference.

Vaughn is blown away by the result of the new Egmont Dust Extraction system, “it has simplified and
removed all the clutter in our workshop and now we have one central collection and disposal point
for dust”. But this is not the only significant benefit he comments, “the new dust extraction has
eliminated all the atomised fine dust and our employees breathe clean air in what is otherwise a
traditionally dusty environment”.

The New Egmont Air system uses centralised modular ducting to connect to each machine and a
centralised fan provides the necessary suction to remove and eliminate the fine dust.

The system is also fitted with an automated fan-speed controller that automatically adjusts the
suction levels as each machine turns on or off.

Egmont Air is a trusted supplier to the wood-working and manufacturing industry, offering a
comprehensive design-to-installation service of spray-booth and dust & fume extraction systems
nationwide. Egmont Air’s team of CAD designers, sales technicians, project manager,s and installers
work together to ensure customers’ expectations and outcomes are exceeded.

Contact Egmont Air by phone at 0800781200 or sales@egmontair.co.nz for more information.